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  1. Sloot and scripted containers
  2. Which Ruby to Download?
  3. Squelching a single command/returned line
  4. Script to start/ end scripts?
  5. Bigshot + MA + Lag
  6. Changes to gameObj-data.xml wrt forks
  7. How do you properly loop an action until a matching string is seen?
  8. Sloot stowing shield and resuming hunting holding a box
  9. Lich Not Remembering Info
  10. Voodoo, sloot and an alt...
  11. Lich & Ruby
  12. Need help installing Lich
  13. Help with ;shunt
  14. ;waggle help
  15. Objects
  16. sloot
  17. New to lich...how do I change the font?
  18. couple bigshot question
  19. Finvale Crystal script
  20. Scripts getting stuck
  21. Autobundle
  22. Help with Lich on OSX
  23. help with installation
  24. Lich Issue - launch error
  25. Custom Launch Commands
  26. Lich issue - lots of disconnects
  27. Tillmen - Lich Broke, PLEASE HELP!
  28. Lnet password
  29. Well this is awkward...
  30. Slightly less awkward...
  31. Script Idea: Inventory Tracker...
  32. Lich question.
  33. Waggle update Request (520)
  34. narost narost2 and xnarost all spamming location verb
  35. Waggle and Passive-spellbot not playing well with Paladin circle
  36. Have no problem logging in, but once in I get this error about 20 mins in....
  37. Adjusting lich for the test server
  38. Script Questions
  39. lnet eating 100% of a CPU starting sometime on 5/27
  40. error: server_thread
  41. Ubuntu Mate 18.04
  42. Can't log in with lich
  43. Surge and Burst together?
  44. Spell[###].evoke ?? .channel??
  45. New install, connection problem
  46. Streaming a scripting tutorial!!11
  47. loot.lic addict seeks options for a hiding archer
  48. invdb.lic - Cross-character searching & tracking of inventory, lockers, bank accounts
  49. error launch method 5 timed out waiting for the client to connect.
  50. :tpicker issue with lockpick selection
  51. Lnet down?
  52. child script
  53. Guide: Lich + Profanity + Free VM via Google Cloud + GTK2
  54. Some Profanity-related Questions
  55. Collectibles exclusion Regex
  56. How do you write a background script that reacts to something?
  57. GO2 randomly forgets that it can go from FWI to Landing
  58. any way to detect if you're poisoned?
  59. Spell up scripts?
  60. MUSHclient Usage
  61. [repository: error: server certificate hostname mismatch]??????????
  62. Unresponsive Repo
  63. Having trouble getting Lich.
  64. trying to write a script to add everyone in the room to the group
  65. How do you check if an object is in your inventory if you know its id?
  66. Mac Setup (Virtual Windows?)
  67. My Scripts: Feedback, Suggestions, Bug Reports.
  68. [DragonRealms] --- error: XMLParser.tag_start: comparison of Fixnum with nil failed
  69. Is there a list of what XMLData contains?
  70. Odd Lich Problems
  71. Is there an easy way to get the count of items in a stack?
  72. Bandit Counter
  73. Lag from running Lich
  74. Uberfletch freezes
  75. Simple Hunting script
  76. Hunting with a Crossbow
  77. Sorting Caligos spell preps and stuff with gameObj-data.xml mods
  78. Lost Game Emtry, and now can't log in using Lich. Need some Hlep
  79. Installation assistance
  80. Small problem with warrior script
  81. updated old Sewer script for use in this years DR
  82. UAC Script for Arena
  83. Lich Repository/Lnet Connection Problems
  84. Changes to Lich
  85. Assistance with mechanical crossbow combat script
  86. how to make bigshot check/ keep you hidden when using bow and possibly use 608
  87. Constant disconnects
  88. Lich Installation problem
  89. Ubuntu 16.04 - Need Help with Linux and a FE (Stromfront?)
  90. lich confusion
  91. Can't Get Lich Running To Save My Life
  92. lich help
  93. SQLite3 Installation Problem
  94. Lich issue with scrolling.
  95. Ok tried a fresh install...of everything. Gems certs are I think out of date???
  96. Narost...??
  97. error: failed to find the Simutronics launcher
  98. Wizard FE Arrivals Window Name
  99. 140
  100. Ruby and Lich
  101. Lich Installation Problem
  102. Having issues getting Lich/Profanity functional on OSX
  103. Pre-beginners guide?
  104. Scroll Infusion v1.0
  105. Useherbs
  106. lnet connection error
  107. Ryjex Scripts
  108. Mist weapon fixes needed...
  109. Help with MacBook playing
  110. Replacing text with symbols
  111. crosscharcom and other lich scripts
  112. Playershop Update Script
  113. Lich Launcher and SGE Link
  114. Problems with Sloot...Please Help
  115. Lich installation help
  116. The bots have gone
  117. Running Profanity from Crostini(Pixelbook)
  118. Gib's Purify Script...
  119. Please help!
  120. lich keeps locking up on loading characters
  121. Crosscharcom? Whos skilled enough to fix this script?
  122. Problems installing on Mac missing
  123. Lich Issue with Mac
  124. Error on installation
  125. How do i cast a spell at each mob in the room...
  126. A little help and reminder please?
  127. Numerical Appraisal Values Subs?
  128. SQLite 3
  129. Bigshot setup working then all of a sudden stops working.
  130. install problem
  131. Launcher: Yes. I messed it up
  132. Gem jar script
  133. Gemhoarder help
  134. Re-Install help needed pleas
  135. Lich types needed
  136. Help with Infomon
  137. Multi character loading
  138. Crashing across multiple characters
  139. Search for a string of text in multiple .txt files?