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  1. Quick Entry Account Name
  2. very easy script question
  3. Reset or Manually Set Lumnis Gift for ;infomon?
  4. Question about the upgrade to new version
  5. next bounty cooldown
  6. Bored...anyone need a script written?
  7. ;go2 Randomly Being Stupid
  8. Big Shot's baby cousin?
  9. Mac user help needed
  10. question about getting data from the unique queue using a call to clear
  11. Bigshot Wand woes.
  12. Help with errors on a purchased character
  13. Looking for script for Secondary Account Swinger
  14. Isigns and sloot not working
  15. Sloot4 Arrow Problem
  16. Strange script issue, need help
  17. Sloot4 travels to the landing
  18. How do you successfully delete lich after having screwed up the initial uninstall?
  19. Match and REs
  20. Ensorcell tracker script
  21. Go2 issue
  22. FIX: spell-list.xml for berserk/mstrike
  23. Additions: spell-list.xml (warcry stuff)
  24. github
  25. Dumb Question - Lich with Web interface?
  26. Technical difficulties
  27. Lich wants to suddenly show links in Avalon?! help
  28. gameobj-data.xml
  29. Lich ver 4.4.16
  30. Empath Appraise Room Script
  31. Bigshot Wounded Question
  32. ;loot-be-gone help
  33. [updater: error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not...
  34. spell-list.xml missing 340
  35. Repository v2.0
  36. No movement?
  37. Command-line Game Entry?
  38. A question about BigShot
  39. Sorcerer back from a long hiatus.
  40. sbounty guide thingy
  41. Ego2 and platinum
  42. tpick issue
  43. Lich Errors
  44. Share your boneme stats here
  45. Lnet error help
  46. Looking for a functional warrior guild script.
  47. thiefwatch
  48. Hard Time Installing Lich on MacBook.
  49. Maps tried to update and I get this -
  50. Tried Installing and it says im missing scripts
  51. sloot, the real deal
  52. icemule citizenship script
  53. Ta'Illistim citizenship script?
  54. Narost and re-mapping Elanthia
  55. useherb and townsmith not working for me as of today
  56. My Go2 went poof!
  57. Need couple easy scripts or clerics during invasions
  58. error: SpellRanks.load: dump format error(0x9)
  59. Spif FE, another frontend thing.
  60. help with rogue guild script
  61. ego2 not working?
  62. LNET Chat
  63. Bigshot & eBows
  64. 735
  65. Oddity with lich
  66. Multiple Accounts w/ OSX
  67. Can'r connect with Win8
  68. Saving new targets with ;go2 save no longer working
  69. Running Lich on a Mac (or any scripts for that matter)
  70. advguard2 in ta'illistim
  71. Trouble staying connected to lnet... Please help!
  72. Install issues with Lich
  73. Useful go2 aliases
  74. Can't get repo to work
  75. How do you send a private lich message from inside a lich script?
  76. My scripts
  77. need help first time running lich on a new laptop
  78. Need help with lich and windows 8
  79. Playing Avalon + Lich on 2 accounts simultaneously?
  80. Group hunting with Bigshot?
  81. help
  82. go2 list
  83. Lich and windows 8
  84. Avalon n00b
  85. matching link regex for squelching
  86. Lich error? My main char is broken!
  87. Anyone have a timer script to share?
  88. Can't connect with 4.4.22
  89. Stormfront macro question
  90. No map database: dumb newbie edition
  91. Syntax help appreciated
  92. Infuseme
  93. Windows 8.1, unable to login.
  94. Is there a check to see if you're in cast roundtime?
  95. Learning to Write Basic Scripts
  96. Room has changed, lich no longer recognizes it
  97. Windows 8 Install
  98. Autowar completion
  99. Stormfront Scripts
  100. Lost Spell Active & Lumnis Info
  101. Error Map Database Not Found
  102. lich not found
  103. reagent then an herb moving script
  104. Jar/gem sorting script
  105. sound for scriptcheck?
  106. Substitution Help
  107. Cannot download / I'm stupid and need Troubleshooting help
  108. Cannot find Launcher.exe
  109. no map database for narost and go2
  110. Lich not responding!!
  111. Actual "Lich not responding" from a not scammer guy...
  112. lnet trouble
  113. lich makes my home unlivable help!
  114. SmartMonk Script
  115. ;banks
  116. Sloot
  117. How to check to see if a spell is on you or someone else?
  118. RPVerbs Script
  119. Help with toggle_unique
  120. Puppy Linux
  121. Introducing SmartHunt
  122. Warcry Mastery
  123. loot-be-gone enhancements/questions
  124. SmartSorcerer Script
  125. Updated Windows having issues now
  126. Automating Lich with Chocolatey and Boxstarter
  127. Loresing script
  128. is there a combat script?
  129. Roleplaying Script (RPS)
  130. postcapgoals not working
  131. Lich's move function and Sneaking (617)
  132. squelch some scroll screen in a script
  133. Issue using lich first time user
  134. Looking for a Bounty Script
  135. Issues with getting Lich to open the Wizard FE
  136. wait_until (person) is in the room
  137. wait_until (not in stance defense) then fput "stance defense"? How do you do this?
  138. How to send a message on a private channel inside a lich script
  139. How do you check a room for multiple different critters?
  140. Pulling only designated players to their feet as well as a script that stands you up.
  141. lich in DR
  142. how do you make a multi waitfor script?
  143. A way to recognize once your in roundtime?
  144. Searchable list of scripts in the lich repo
  145. New playershops data collection script
  146. uberbarwiz and 2.0
  147. Map database and Repo issue. For the love of tarts help me!
  148. Recognizing when someone isn't in the room
  149. Lich causing heavy lag and getting booted
  150. Lock Popping Script?
  151. Lich 4.5.0
  152. Two of same script running
  153. Memory usage of ruby
  154. Stormfront / Lich Script problem
  155. change lich password
  156. send a chat on a private channel (not private message) via script
  157. Infomon Character settings issue
  158. Lich and Avalon... where to extract lich to?
  159. How do you delete a multi word alias
  160. ;go2 and Ta'Illistim rogue guild
  161. zzherb script for anything forageable
  162. Poison / Disease Monitoring Script?
  163. Auto forging script
  164. Really need awesome script writers for Dragonrealms!
  165. Can you turn squelch on and off?
  166. Herb list update? useherbs now broken
  167. Icemule herb changes & ;useherbs
  168. Array issue
  169. go2 acting weird today
  170. Lich tries to open Playonline(Final Fantasy11) instead of GS4
  171. Script pausing issues
  172. Back after a break
  173. Could I get a quick refresher?
  174. Small Statue use script
  175. ;sailormoon
  176. Bigshot and different attack methods
  177. I choose YOU, TGO!
  178. Simple brawling script to use with Bigshot
  179. moving item script
  180. Need people to test Lich 4.6
  181. starting wander inside another script
  182. map question
  183. bigshot error when starting?
  184. updated windows - scripts not working
  185. Update-Playershops Issue
  186. Your version of Lich is too old to be updated by this script
  187. Lich Error --- error: no map database found
  188. A Couple Script Issues
  189. Help - Lich opens game, then game does not respond
  190. ;Repository dead
  191. Internet connection issue
  192. Bestiary script
  193. illistim rogue guild map change?
  194. script checker thingie
  195. ;alvis [Creatures & Rooms]
  196. go2 save data?
  197. Lich question
  198. Sexual favors
  199. loot-be-gone not saving settings
  200. Any good digging scripts
  201. Lich error
  202. mac/avalon
  203. lnet stopped working
  204. My lich and waggle seems to have broken
  205. Any idea what might be causing WizardFE to crash?
  206. sexual-favors needs YOU!
  207. Lich/Windows 7 Problem
  208. Sloot4 phase (704) problem
  209. Error child2
  210. Error in ;max_lock script
  211. Multi Account Hunting Help Needed
  212. send_to_script trouble
  213. New Simu FE Update Fucked Up Wizard FE Lichq
  214. Maintain eblade on runestaff/weapons?
  215. Sloot4 w/ new lich.
  216. Yosemite and lich
  217. Suggestions
  218. problem with enhancive script when removing, on new lich
  219. Odd things happen when hoy raises his runestaff.
  220. swar issue
  221. cman sweep line
  222. ;go2 in Vaalor.
  223. Forge-Perfects dosent work with lich 4.6???
  224. [updater: error connecting to server: No connection could be made because the target
  225. updated.
  226. ;go2 in Wehnimer's
  227. having trouble getting lich to work
  228. 4.6 running very slow
  229. Lich
  230. Bigshot woe : why is this happening?
  231. go2 containers
  232. RegEx fail
  233. lnet troubles
  234. trouble connecting to server with ;repo
  235. The website is down.
  236. Da fuq?
  237. minor ;child2 issue
  238. Stuck on sqlite3...
  239. Trouble updating Lich
  240. Forge Perfect polishing Problem (Grabbing item # instead of item)
  241. playershops update issue
  242. Can't connect to LNet. Please help?
  243. Add Room Numbers to Rooms?
  244. A question about a script please!
  245. Ruby require question
  246. ;CoL and :CoLtv
  247. looking for a user defined point and click script
  248. sloot3 problem?
  249. Another LNET problem
  250. autowar and zzherb