Character Portraits Part 2

  1. Should I? 
More playing with old textures in iray and  new photoshop painting techniques. Keeping it simple.
  2. Steam punk - experiment in light 
I still struggle with lighting and textures. My poor ole computer seems to limit me with newer models but...
  3. Gnome pirate polished off. I wish I had a better badger but that's the best I got for now.
  4. Celtic Warrior 
Theses are just a few things I've been tinkering with to hone skills...and for pure fun.
  5. Searching.
  6. Taking Flight
  7. Hobgoblin Pirate
  8. Snow Queen
  9. Nyme
  10. Talinvor
  11. Vishra
  12. Esana
  13. Lissaya
  14. Veed
  15. Dragon Girl 
Playing with new lighting and iray things.
  16. Dryad Glyhne 
I've been playing with different post work techniques.
  17. Magic Flower
  18. By the Firelight
  19. Laying in the sun. No one in particular. Just playing around.
  20. Ysaye
  21. Captain Divone
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