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03-09-2018, 05:36 PM
Bayli character portrait
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  1. Tisket
    Nicely done.
  2. bayli
    It wasn't me that made it though.. in all honesty it's my daughters work. She's very talented and I try to encourage her to use it for some profit. Look into making a career out of eventually. I'll tell her you approved
  3. Get her to draw free hand as well not just computer generated shit. Art schools and employers still predominantly look for that.
  4. Tisket
    Don't mind him, Bayli. He's one of those unfortunate people who believes the medium is more important than the finished product. Pure ignorance.
  5. Because the finished product is shite compared to old fashioned hand drawn; there's a reason why comic artists still draw free hand then use shitty cg. The Berserk debacle is the prime example of this.

    Too many kids nowadays are looking for that shortcut (admittedly so are Fortune 500 companies) but shit like that don't last.
  6. bayli
    Thank you both for your thoughts

    I have a BFA myself. In some ways I agree that great hand drawing skills are becoming scarce, in any medium. Pencil or mouse.. still takes hand-eye coordination and talent. Not a political person but I kinda blame some of it on the removal of most art classes in child-age schools. Surprisingly few fellow students could actually draw very well at college level and I took a large selection of different art classes to witness this.

    I considered most college level artists to be more skilled in argument as to how they came to use the materials/mediums and what its 'supposed' to mean. Its unfortunate that craftsmanship is of less importance then argument skills.

    I personally believe the popular mediums are not necessarily shortcuts nor are they temporary. We haven't gone back to mostly using 35mm cameras/film after all (though they aren't useless) nor reverted back to oil painting as the only "true art" rendering skill that people fought to claim in the past. Its because all mediums have a place and currently (and in the future) computer generated art will only grow. The world around us requires computer generated art skills in probably 90% of modern career visual-art fields.. print, tv, web. Its highly unlikely going to revert.
    There will always be a niche place for the classic way of doing things but kids these days NEED to use the tools that are available to be competitive.

    I am pretty comfortable using a pencil and paper, photoshop and a mouse, Darkroom photography or DSLR, or even a welder and plasma-cutter. I value craftsmanship and I like having multiple skills to work with. I can tell you that building 3D mesh skills and hand painted 'skins' that she does are not short-cuts by any means.. I can't do it.
    It's MUCH more complicated then only hand-drawing it. Opposite of short-cut.

    And I like her work alot
  7. These are free hand drawn paintings... the quality and artistry is undeniable.

  8. bayli
    They are very nice. Remind me a little of Rowena Morrill.. I was always so impressed with her work.
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