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You see Phaenna the Cadet. She appears to be an Elf. She is tall. She appears to be in the bloom of youth. She has sparkling crystal blue eyes and alabaster skin. She has long, flowing golden blonde hair with lighter streaks. She has a classical nose and high cheekbones. She is holding a highly polished longsword in her right hand and a gleaming heater in her left hand. She is wearing some glittering golden earrings, a bright white cloak, a golden metal breastplate, some ornate white brocade handwraps, a glossy white belt, some golden trousers, and some white mail high boots.

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11-02-2018, 05:12 PM
Character Portraits Pt 6
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  1. Tisket
  2. Latrinsorm
    i shouldn't be surprised anymore but somehow i'm still astonished by tisket's mighty power. stunned! for a full twelve rounds
  3. Tisket
    Thanks. I'm posting a HQ closeup in a few.
  4. MotleyCrew
    Yay! More Tisket stuffs! From the description I would have totally pictured her differently in my head. But, me likie very muchie
  5. Tisket
    I love women in armor. I wish I got more requests for tough looking broads
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