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I told the owner that I was probably not going to get to this for a while longer and he was so nice about the delay that I just sat down and finished it right afterward, lol.

You see Gasparr McDonough the Herald. He appears to be a Human. He is average height. He appears to be past his prime. He has sparkling bright green eyes and smoothly tanned skin. He has short, coarse auburn hair pulled beneath a knitted navy wool cap with several loose bangs peeking out just above the eyeline. He has a thick mustache and beard. He is wearing a black wool double-breasted coat with dark metal knotwork buttons, a rugged thick leather pack, a worn leather bag, some eddying maelstrom armor, a scallop-edged linen tunic with flared sleeves, a bleached driftwood band, a shuttered invar lantern charm, a pair of fitted black leather pants, and a pair of cognac distressed leather workboots laced with sinew.

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08-04-2018, 01:25 AM
Character Portraits Pt 6
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  1. Tisket
    HQ version:

    Click image twice to get full size.
  2. Seizer
    Awesome, thanks for the work Tisket. I really like the color choice on the hair. Beanie looks great!
  3. Tisket
    I chose a slightly skewed camera angle and, as discussed with the owner, think it makes the character look disproportionately fat so I will be redoing him. I was trying to make him look looming and slightly menacing but ended up making him look slightly fat and irritated, lol.
  4. Erynien
  5. Avamagozma
    I knew that guy when I was in the Navy!
  6. Tisket
    Huh. I think I promised a revised version to the owner but got sidetracked. Or did I do it already? Owner contact me please! My senility is working overtime.
  7. Tisket
    I've seriously got the worst memory of anyone I've ever heard of.
  8. MotleyCrew
  9. Seizer
    Yeah what he linked also I did that minor edit to this if you wanted to post that up too.
  10. Tisket
    Oh, I remember now. Thanks, MC. You are a good man (lolol)
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