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Another random portrait using the in-game profile function without owner permission or input. Oddly enough it doesn't give the eye color, it just says she has eyes, lol, so I just guessed at it. If it bugs the owner enough to request a correction I can easily do that. I'm also a little bugged by the dual nose description. My idea of a classical nose and a button nose are very different yet the character has both. Maybe it's a classical button nose?

Anyway, while resting in game I spend a lot of time profile stalking characters to get portrait ideas but most people don't have their description turned on. I wish it defaulted to showing the description instead of requiring the owner to turn it on manually.

Name: Vishra
Profession: Paladin
Title: Innocent
Race: Dark Elf Gender: Female
Clan: Faendryl
She is shorter than average and has a delicately lithe build. She appears to be very young.
She has eyes and dusky skin.
She has waist length, black hair swept into a tight roll at the back of her head, framed with intricate braids twined into butterfly wings and held firm by a pair of diamond-encrusted vaalorn hairsticks.
She has a delicate face, a classical nose and tall upswept pointed ears.
Her heart-shape face and dainty, button nose accentuate her girlish countenance.

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07-08-2018, 01:29 PM
Character Portraits Pt 6
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  1. Tisket
    Uncompressed version:
  2. time4fun
    Her entire description is totally buggy right now. Her eyes keep vanishing and no one knows why (they're long-lashed jade green eyes normally), she has two nose descriptions, and her unique line currently says she has "Heart-shape" instead of "shaped" face. I have a referral to get it all straightened out (the "classic nose" is going to be removed!)
    You are SUCH a talented artist Tisket- you really are. I would say this one doesn't really capture Vish's feminine and shy demeanor, but there's just no denying that this is a stunning portrait. Thank you for the time you spent on this.
  3. Tisket
    I am glad you like it. I will redo it with the corrections but is the skin tone how you visualize it? Dusky could be lighter or darker. I just figured since she's a dark elf that I'd err toward the darker spectrum.
  4. drauz
    Doesn't Vishra like burn when she touches a OHE?
  5. Tisket
    I thought all paladins used swords!
  6. time4fun
    Honestly, I like that you went darker on her skin. Most people go light with dark elves for some reason. Otherwise, if I could make some suggestions I'd say- she's always in a dress, she stutters and generally avoids eye contact, but she actually has a lot of grit underneath it (the more I look at the expression you chose, the more I actually like the direction you went in. She'd still be a bit softer, but you captured the grim determination she has beneath her shyness), and the "she" is an illusion item. Vish is actually trans. My other suggestion? Don't let this image you created go anywhere. It's just a really great piece of art, and it should be shown off.
  7. drauz
    She is obsessed with blunt weapons, like really obsessed.
  8. time4fun
    It's true. She is.
  9. Tisket
    That's the risk I take when I do one of these without talking to the owner first. I'm going to do a revised version of her but am keeping this one up because I like the way it turned out.
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