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Since I've only ever seen this character at a table here he is basking in a post-dreavening glow.

You see Dreaven the Empath. He appears to be a Dark Elf. He is very tall. He appears to be very young. He has brooding deep sable eyes and fair skin. He has long, shiny auburn hair with lighter streaks. He has a straight nose and broad shoulders.

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07-06-2018, 12:11 PM
Character Portraits Pt 6
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  1. Tisket
    Well shit that's a tiny pic. I swear the upload function on the PC just likes to fuck with me. Here's a better version:
  2. Tisket
    The upload function drained the colors somehow too so view it from the link instead.

  3. Taernath

    A girl does good portraits.
  4. Tisket
  5. Avamagozma
    That's the post-Dreavening glow? It looks more like the post-Dreavening exhaustion. Heh!
  6. Avamagozma
    Now that I look at the picture more... Starring John Travolta as Dreaven!
  7. Avamagozma
    Or at least a YOUNG John Travolta.
  8. Ltlprprincess
    Dreaven remains among my top favorites in your portrait series. Durakar, of course, will be my favorite always... this doesn't include my own characters, though. Because mine are pretty awesome.
  9. Divone
    OOOO Loving this. I envy anyone that can use the latest models to come out of DAZ. My old computer just can't handle them. Are you using iray or another render engine?
  10. Tisket
    Iray. I feel your pain about your computer. DAZ is a resource hog, especially if you have a huge library. I got a new computer recently and it's made a big difference.
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