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This is a revised version of Vishra with changes made because of the discussion in the comments of the previous version and to reflect owner input on her RP style. I changed the nose and gave her a softer countenance as well as changing her clothing. The only way to really show shyness is through posing so I chose a pose that was somewhat self-contained and closed in where she is looking at the viewer but in a glancing kind of way. I kept the background and lighting because I liked the drama of it. I didn't include a blunt weapon though but I figure in the previous version she was glaring at the sword because she wished it was a OHB. Hey, it works for me!

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07-09-2018, 02:17 PM
Character Portraits Pt 6
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  1. Tisket
    Uncompressed version:
  2. Latrinsorm
    wow it's a world of difference. great note taking! great result
  3. Divone
    LOVE this one so much. Very well done.
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